Elderly Driving Testing? Article Response

This article brings up some good points. However, this is only one state’s plan of action and it is in my opinion extremely flawed. Case in point, it failed to protect those two patients in the medical transport vehicle from the elderly woman driving her car almost head on into them. A written test and eye exam? Are you kidding me? That is not driving, that is writing and seeing, totally a different animal from having good quick reflexes and being aware of what is going on around you. And also driving with the flow of traffic. You know what I’m talking about. This has nothing to do with having the right answers on a test or being able to read or pass an eye test. It’s totally different when you get out on the streets. And night driving is next to impossible for most. The elderly will admit to most chores being more difficult as they age. But they are adamant about giving up driving.
This article mentions having the hard talk about giving up the keys. Reason with Mom or Dad it says, point out why their driving may be unsafe. Right. I don’t know about your parents, but I know my Mom would not go easy into that good night. “She’s been driving since before I was born” and is not about to stop now, not ever. She’s got places to go, people to see, stuff to buy! Try taking her keys away and you’re likely to lose a hand.

And who came up with the age of 70 for re-testing? I mean, do you think you should have your keys possibly taken away at that age? You probably think old people should if you’re under that age. But if you are nearing 70, you might think differently. There should be better testing, health testing. Maybe doctors should be involved. After all, some of the elderly are way healthier than others. This makes a huge difference, not the number of years in age.

In fact, “elderly” may be a state of mind, not an age. You know, there are a lot of people on the road who are not fit to drive and may be too “young” or “elderly”. Maybe we need to re-think our testing. Might be we need a mental/health/drug test. What we do need is free mass transportation for the elderly so that they do not need to worry about how to get around to appointments, stores, and social gatherings.
They need to keep their independence and feel appreciated by society. I’m just saying.

When should elderly drivers be taken off the road?

When should elderly drivers be taken off the road?.

What defines “elderly” drivers?

In an article in the local newspaper this morning was the report of an accident in which an elderly woman made a left turn in front of a medical transport vehicle and caused it to crash into a building.
Two patients were in the medical vehicle and one died. The other was in serious condition. And the elderly woman was injured also. The age of the elderly woman was not disclosed. Now, we know that this accident could have happened anytime, anywhere…people make left hand turns in front of vehicles a lot, not seeing the on-coming vehicle for whatever reason. Sad, but a reality. Age may very well have played a major role in this accident, we would need to know her age. And at what age do we ask elderly folks to relinquish their car keys?

We have a set age for people to begin driving. We just haven’t set an age to quit driving. Maybe we need to think about that. That would take the burden off adults having to find ways to get the keys away from
elderly parents, or worse, waiting until they had an accident.

That brings me to my question. What is elderly? Those in their 30’s think those in their 40’s or 50’s are old, so it might come down to a matter of perspective. I’m just saying…


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